What Do I Do? It's Called Upper Cervical Chiropractic

What does it do?
Upper cervical is concerned with the relationship between your spine and your health. Specifically the balance of your head and neck has been found to be intimately related to your overall health and well-being. Even with a lack of neck pain, we have found individuals suffering from a variety of disorders linked to an imbalance in this area. Everyone’s health history is unique so we don’t want to take a cookie cutter approach to helping you. We look at your health as a fingerprint that is unique to you. Upper cervical uses very specific x-rays of the neck to find your exact misalignment. Because it takes time to be specific and exact, we are able to know just how you are misaligned.  Once we know that, we can be very gentle with the adjustments.

Why would I choose upper cervical?
Certainly everyone has a preference and likes to be helped in different ways. What we have found is that many people who come to us didn’t know that a gentle, specific, effective approach like this existed. Some like its effectiveness with the whole body and some just like the results they get.

We have found some people may never have the cause of their problem addressed. We feel we add that extra dimension of searching for the cause of peoples problems.