Will I Feel Better?

You have a choice in healthcare. You can manage how you feel or you can focus on increasing your function. We are not here to cover up your symptoms. Just because someone takes a pill to lower a number, it doesn’t mean it is actually fixing their problem. We cannot change how you feel. What we can do is change how your body functions. Of course we know that if we improve your function... over time....it will improve how you feel. Changing how people function is the only sustainable model for healthcare.


Does Chiropractic work?

What we do is not a belief system. It is anatomy and physiology. The body is designed to heal and regulate itself. You experience this everyday. Your skin heals, your heart beats, your lungs breath, you fight bacteria, you replace old tissue in your stomach lining etc etc. You can see, you feel, you create hormones, you digest, you reproduce. All of those things happen whether you believe they will or not. This is because your nervous system is running your body. It is running your life. When it doesn’t work properly, you don’t work


Do I Have To Keep Coming Back?

At our clinic we are about care. Care is a process. This is not an event. It is a process. A process we are familiar with, have been through, and can guide you through. And that’s a good thing. Once we have measured your function, found the problem, listened to your case and found your goals we will discuss the details of your overall care.


How Do You Know What's Wrong?

“We don’t guess, we test.” Not in pain? Great, because the presence or absence of symptoms is not a good indicator of your overall health.We monitor and analyze function so the body can work its best, regardless of symptoms. We use radiography, sEMG, digital range of motion, para-spinal thermography, and posture to determine when, where, why, how, and if you need to be adjusted. Together these provide valuable insight into how your structure affects your function.