A Book for You…

NERD 🧠 Alert:🚨
Maybe you saw the testimonial yesterday and thought it was weird… Multiple Sclerosis? Migraines? Yeah right…

Let’s talk.

This is a great book. Dr. Flannagan says it’s written for the lay public, and I think it is approachable but there are some very complex ideas in here.

I post it for a couple of reasons.

I love it. It’s great mental fodder and proof for those of us interested in the intimate and powerful connection of structure and function. The current system is hell-bent on germs and genes being the answer to every human woe.
It’s frankly created a divorce of physiology from “good ‘ol anatomy.” It’s almost an “aw gee ya hick” attitude when you suggest that form and function do actually coexist and one has real consequences on the other.

It annoys me. Sorry, not sorry.

I post it as a resource. There are a lot of people out there struggling with complex neurodegenerative issues and unfortunately, the value of upper cervical chiropractic isn’t part of the conversation, and that’s due to bias, not logic…. Or anatomy.

This is a conversation that involves Cerebral Spinal Fluid flow, inter-cranial pressures, drainage, obstructions, pooling, Chiari “0”, etc. You have to be willing to see intimate connections for what they are… intimate. This leads to a discussion around neurodegeneration (MS, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, etc…ALS?) and mechanical misalignments of the spine.

It’s fascinating.

This info has been buried and many suffering people should know about this.
I’m thankful for conversations with and lectures by David Harshfield MD a neuro-radiologist in Arkansas who sees this, refers patients for upper cervical care, and for his encouragement to me and his work in this area. I’m thankful for Scott Rosa DC and his results with NFL player Jim McMahon that brought this idea along with the link between upper cervical adjustments, dementia, concussions, CTE a lot of publicity.
And of course the movie “Concussion” with Will Smith where they talk about CTE.
These ideas are all linked and are the same discussion

“It annoys me. Sorry, not sorry.”

We do upper cervical chiropractic at our practice. It’s unique. It requires specific training. It requires specific x-rays and analysis. And it should be a part of the conversation for those dealing with concussion Migraines, ALS, MS, Parkinson’s, CTE, Chiari “0”, etc.

As I always say; chiropractic… It’s not magic. It’s physiology.